Welcome to WeekendFreedomMachines web site.  A site dedicated to collectors, restorers and owners of John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractors and accessories.  The sites primary focus is on models of John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractors made prior to 1992.  This includes the legendary model 110 in which production began in 1963 through the powerful model 430.

Tractors are not the only subject matter listed in this site.  Attachment and accessory information is also provided throughout the site.  The information is not limited to just factory attachments that came from John Deere but also includes many of the attachments available from other vendors who had an alliance with John Deere.  Several of these companies are Brinly-Hardy, Haban, Johnson, and many others.

The buttons on the top of this page help you navigate the site.  The Home button will also take you back to the page that you are currently displaying. 

The Model Info  button will take you to a page containing informational summaries about the following models: the 110 tractor, the 112 tractor, the 60, 70 and 100 lawn tractors, the 55, 56 and 57 rider mowers, the 120 tractor, the 140 tractor, the 200 series tractors, the 300 series tractors and 400 series tractors.  The page also has several pictures showing the factory attachments available from John Deere for each of these models.  Pictures of allied attachments are also available for viewing.  The allied vendors are sorted by company name and not by tractor since many of these vendors made equipment for more than one model.

The Forums button allows you to enter the discussion area of the site.  Several different forums are setup for use by the users of this site.  The Open Forum provides the opportunity for general discussion on tractors and equipment.  The Repair and Restoration Forum is for comments and questions regarding painting, sand blasting, maintenance, and other miscellaneous questions.  The forums also includes a Classifieds area with for sale and wanted to buy items.  Upcoming Events, What's New, and Site Comments and Recommendations finish out the forum topics.

If you want to see pictures, you need to visit the Gallery.  This is the photo location for all users.  Photos can be uploaded into independent albums to be viewed by all visitors.  You can request an account from this area for the Gallery.

The Registry is a database application tracking all visitor's tractors or looking up tractor type by serial number.  This application was created to list all user's tractors in a database.  All a person needs to do to register a tractor is provide the complete serial number information from the tractor's tag.  A link to just view the database is also available on this page.  Users may also get a short summary on their tractor by using the Serial Number Lookup.

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